Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Private Issue

Noah has entered the stage where he is very curious about "privates" or "Pee pees" and it makes me SO nervous. A few weeks ago when all this started I was worried that something had gone wrong with his surgery site because it seemed like all he wanted to do was talk about his penis or he always had his hands down his pants. I had his dad supervise bathroom happenings a few times to make sure that everything still looked normal while Noah was peeing. So I guess it is just "good ole fashioned curiosity." It is just FABULOUS. NOT. He wants to know ALL about pee pees. Well he now calls all privates "penises" because I told him the correct term for his pee pee was penis and we dont need to go around talking about it all the time. That seems to make it worse. I hope this chatty phase passes!

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